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Six ORGANIC INgredients.

Zero Fragrance.

We perfected a recipe that combines six essential organic ingredients into a simple yet luxurious cold process soap bar with absolutely zero fragrance.

With no added artificial scents, STINK! SOAP™ will not smell "lemon fresh." And it won't smell like a mountain breeze, a berry blast, or a springtime meadow. What is a berry blast anyway??



STINK! SOAP™ is made from organic sunflower, safflower, coconut, and palm oils, organic shea butter, and organic rosemary extract. That's it!



And Coming soon....

STINK! SOAP is expanding! Look out for our ZERO FRAGRANCE hand soap, body wash, laundry detergent, and dish soap all launching Fall 2017.


In 2012, Jon Whelan, single father and entrepreneur, began filming STINK!, the award-winning documentary debunking the widespread belief that all products on store shelves in America are safe. On his one-man quest to discover what might be hiding in our everyday products, director Whelan uncovered the "Fragrance Loophole":  the little known fact that companies are able to put chemicals or toxins in their products, without disclosure, by using the umbrella ingredient name "fragrance." Under current federal law, this is legal in America. In fact, every man, woman and child in the United States ingests a dangerous number of these chemicals and toxins every day...

In 2016, Jon founded STINK! SOAP™, a company dedicated to creating a bespoke line of healthful products, each formulated with luxurious, but only essential ingredients, and with absolutely zero fragrance. We are leading the movement to lower the Fragrance Footprint™ in America, one product at a time. Smell the difference!

JOIN THE movement to lower YOUR Fragrance Footprint™

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